About Manitoba First Fund

Initially funded by the Province, the Manitoba First Fund (MFF) was created to facilitate access to capital for Manitoba businesses in order to further their development, growth and success.  The MFF is a partnership between the Province of Manitoba, the Business Council of Manitoba, and the Manitoba Technology Accelerator.


Bringing additional capital to Manitoba’s provincial market is MFF’s main priority. This is accomplished through the development of long-term relationships with proven funds whose strategic investments in a diverse portfolio of innovative and growing companies yields benefits and returns for all Manitobans.

Street in Winnipeg at night.

The MFF does not invest directly in specific Manitoba companies; rather, it invests in venture capital and private equity funds that commit to investing in the Province of Manitoba. Opportunities for Manitoba businesses to access capital at all stages of business development and growth are made possible through the MFF Fund Partners.

Our Team

The Manitoba First Fund is overseen by a CEO and dedicated board of directors.

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